Friday, February 16, 2018

Henry's 4 Month Update

Weight: ~13lbs

Length: ~24"

Loves: PEOPLE! He's is a super social butterfly. He would rather watch us in kitchen, watch Jack play, or simply sit on the sofa and talk to us rather than play with any of his fun baby toys. The jungle gym, which Jack lived under until he was about 8 months, has hardly been touched. If we do leave him under there he wiggles and rolls around until he can see someone and talk to them.

Hates: being left alone.

Milestones:  He can roll from his back to his belly but hasn't mastered rolling back over from his belly to back. Our daycare says he can do it but we have yet to see it. I think he fakes not knowing how to do it so we come over 😉.

Sleep: He does great! We've just started doing dual bedtime routine. We get them both dressed in PJs, then Max holds Henry while I brush Jack's teeth, then family hug and kisses, then books with mommy, then sleep. After we read books I lay Henry down in the crib completely awake. Then I pick Jack up to say goodnight and he throws a blankie over him. 💕 The first night we attempted this I picked Jack up and he quickly exclaimed "Where's Henry's blankie?!" I told him that Henry didn't have one and it was ok. But he was very distraught, being a blankie kid himself (there are roughly 9 blankies in his bed). So he ran around the house searching for one for Henry. After finding two, of course, he threw them in the crib and kissed him goodnight. My heart almost exploded.

But they do really well sleeping in the same room. They go down around 8:30ish and then Henry is usually first to get up between 5:30-6:00 followed shortly by Jack.

Eating: We are slowing down but I think we might make our goal of 6 months. When I nurse him he seems happy and content for the most part. But I'm not sure how much longer that will last. I'm hoping we can make it another week without topping him off with my frozen stash because then we can start him on cereal. And cereal after nursing should be more than enough.

At daycare he eats 3 6-7oz bottles or 18-21oz total. At work I pump 9-11oz total. One step forward two steps back. My freezer stash is slowly dwindling but I am so proud of how far we've come and how well he's growing.

Teething: Not yet but the drool is uncontrollable!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Henry's 3 Month Update

Weight: ~12lbs

Length: 24"

Loves: He loves being face to face with you and smiling and talking. This kid is such a chatter box! It's always making noise and loves to be part of any conversation. We can't leave him along for a split second before he starts fussing and feeling left out. Every night during dinner we prop him up on or next to the table so he can join in. We have attempted to leave him in his swing but that is only met with whining and fussing. He has to be part of everything. 

Hates: being ignored or left alone, he is a people person.

Milestones:  He's holding his head up better and better. We're working on floor time and rolling but he hasn't quite got the hang of it (If you've been following me on social media you know this recently changed 😉).

Sleep: He does pretty well. He usually has his last feed between 7 and 9PM. Then we finally lay him in his crib around 9 after Jack goes down. Then he sleeps until about 6AM. So anywhere from 9-11hrs. Not bad! And we have started putting him in his crib at night which means he's sharing a room with Jack 😲. He is a light sleeper though so sometimes in the middle of the night he squiggles and grunts and we have to re-binikie him but he usually goes back down pretty easy. And so far Jack has been sleeping through even the loudest of screams! #parentwin

Eating: Still going pretty well. I still have up days and down days but I try to remind myself that he is happy and content. If he starts screaming for more we can adjust but so far so good.

We aren't going to group anymore, which I am incredibly sad about. It was such a form of peace of mind. It was a real way to make sure he was doing ok and getting enough. I thought about going 1 day a month and working from home but with Jack, work, daycare, etc. it was just too much and it didn't work out. Maybe I can find a weekend group but we'll just have to see.

I'm also still rocking the pump life. At work I pump 3 times a day; 9AM, 12noon, and 3PM. I'm not pumping what he's eating but I'm not terribly far off. The night before I left for work I had 423 oz. in the freezer and I counted again recently to see what I have been able to replace from daycare and I have 423 oz. So I have been able to replace EXACTLY what he's eating and that made me feel so good!

Teething: Nope, thank god!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Henry's 2 month update

Weight: 10 lbs 11 oz - 27%

Length: 23" - 75%

Loves: He loves to be propped up on the bobby pillow so he can look around. He loves to coo and smile at you, he's getting so expressive. He also loves tummy time! He will lay on his tummy for about 30 minutes before fussing, we're so excited. The whole reason you're supposed to do tummy time is to avoid a flat head and strengthen their neck muscles. Well Henry just lays there motionless with his head turned to one side. Now he's getting a flat spot on the side of his head...awesome. We can never win! And finally he loves bath time. As soon as his little feet hit the water he stops crying and fussing and immediately starts cooing and kicking.

Hates: being ignored or put down. If he's on the sofa in his boppy and I*'m watching tv he cries until I look over at him and start talking. He also doesn't like when we put him down in the swing during dinner. He wants to be held and included in the conversation.

Milestones:  He's holding his head up really well when he's sitting or on our shoulders / chest but terrible when he's on the floor. He's tracking us more with his eyes and less with his ears.

Sleep: He does pretty well. He sleeps 5-6 hours starting between 8-9PM then goes back to his regular 3 hours. He also makes this terribly loud stretching whine all night that keeps us up so even though he might be sleeping we aren't :(

Eating: Sill going well. I still have days where I panick thinking I don't have enough for him but he's always happy and content after each feeding and continues to have wet diapers so I muddle myself through the day and keep thinking positively. Other days I feel so full that I'm forcing him to eat just to relive the pressure. So we win some and lose some.

We're still going to our support group and it gives me such peace of mind every time we weigh in. It's a real tangible way to know how much he's getting and that he's thriving.

I'm also still rocking the pump life. Since I'm also nursing, getting much out of a pump session is hard. But we're making it. And I've already hit my goal of 300oz before I return back to work!! If I keep up the pace I think I can make it up to 400 before I go back! Now I just hope I can pump at work enough to replace what he eats at daycare. That was my downfall last time. But I'm trying not to stress and just enjoy the fact that we are actually doing this with a little less stress this time.

Teething: Nope, thank god! Though I do see a few white spots that seem hard but I'm trying to ignore it and hope it goes away lol.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Henry's 1 Month Update

Weight: ~ 8lbs

Length: ~23"

Loves: Sleeping on our chests and being snuggled. He loves to be as warm as possible. At night we always have him in footie pajamas, swaddled, and an extra fuzzy blanket over his lower half. The only way to get him to sleep is to snuggle him against us in as many blankets as possible.

Hates: Diaper changes. But the one thing he hates more than anything, which is kinda weird, is being laid down flat. Every time I try to lay him in the bassinet or under his jungle gym he just screams at the top of his lungs. But as soon as you fold a tiny blankie or burp cloth and put it under his head like a tiny pillow he quiets right down. Weirdo.

Milestones:  He's learning how to be awake. He's having more awake periods but gets really frustrated when he can't figure out how to go back to sleep. He's enjoying listening to us and is starting to see farther and farther away.

Sleep: He does ok. He sleeps 3-4 hours which isn't terrible but I can't wait until we hit the magic 6 hr mark.

Eating: I'm so pleased to say that he's doing really well with breastfeeding! He eats every 2-3 hrs during the day and 3-4 at night. He has a great latch and my supply is significantly greater this time around. It also helps that he actually cries for food instead of us force feeding him and trying to wake him up. He's like clock work and it has made such a difference!

I also joined a breastfeeding support group at my hospital and that has given me such peace of mind. It's run by a lactation consultant and she answers all my questions. We start by weighing the babies, then we all feed our babies, talk, enjoy adult time, then we re-weigh them. This tells us exactly how much they ate and if they are thriving. Henry seems to be consistently eating about 2 oz. I love this group so much and plan to keep going even after returning to work.

I am also pumping to keep a good stash in the fridge for when I go back to work. This has been going so well and I think I'll have a good amount before I return.

This is such a difference from Jack and I couldn't be more happy. Keep it up Henry!

Teething: Nope, thank god!

Henry's Birth Story


Henry Paul Wilson was born 10/8/17 at 10:53 in the morning. He was 7lbs. 2oz. and 22" long!

We were super surprised he weighed less than Jack and that he was a HE! We were both so convinced we were having a girl but as soon as they laid him on my chest we were so in love.

This birth was very different than my first but it went just as well. Him and I came out happy and healthy and that's all we were really hoping for.

It all started Saturday 10/7. I had started to lose my mucus plug a few days before but because this never happened with Jack I wasn't sure if it meant labor was imminent. And I was supposed to head out with friends that night so I called the Dr to see if I needed to stay home and close to the hospital. However they told me it didn't really mean anything and I was cleared to go out. The only thing they said was to head to the hospital if it started coming out covered in bright red blood or I started having contractions. Well Saturday morning right around 9AM I noticed some bright red blood that seemed a bit alarming. So we grabbed Jack and headed to the hospital. Sure enough it was just what they call "bloody show". I wasn't having any contractions and I was only dilated 3cm so they couldn't admit me and told me to head home, wait, and rest.

We headed home and confined me to the sofa because I was having some cramping after the exam. The news "some how" made it over to my in laws *cough* Max *cough* so around the end of nap time we got a call asking if Jack could be picked up for a grandparents play date. I spent the rest of the day lounging, cramping, and sleeping on the sofa trying to decipher if it was cramps or contractions. At only 38 weeks and 2 days I didn't want to get my hopes up yet so I convinced myself it was just mild cramps and nothing to worry about.

Well then around 5:00PM we headed over to the in laws for dinner and to pick up Jack. On the way over I had my first true blue contraction. It took my breath away and Max looked over at me with a shocked look on his face and told me I just had a contraction before I could blow it off as a cramp. He checked the time and started his internal clock. I knew at that moment I was on Max super watch and couldn't get away with downgrading my cramps anymore. Well about 30 min later I couldn't breath or move again and I saw Max start to get really excited. He also wasn't the only one to notice my obvious discomfort. My mother-in-law looked at me in panic and then I knew the whole Wilson clan was watching me, waiting...

Well every 30min or so I was having another contraction. They didn't seem as painful as the ones I remembered with Jack so I still wasn't convinced. But the in laws thought for sure we would be headed to the hospital later that night so they graciously offered to keep Jack over night just in case. I was a little upset/disappointed because if it was truly going to be my last night as a mother of one then I wanted to spend it with my only child. I wanted to cuddle him, read him a good night story, and kiss him as much as humanly possible. But I also knew that if we needed to head to the hospital late that night I didn't want to drive back to my in-laws to drop Jack off. So we stayed a little longer than usual and I cuddled my little monster a little closer. Once we got home I ate a small amount and drank some water and the contractions seemed to stop.

However a few hours later I woke up with what felt like period cramps which is identical to how Jack's birth started. I tried to stand and walk them off but it wasn't working. These were real contractions. So I broke out an app and started timing them. They were consistently 25min apart, not close enough to head to the hospital but they were so painful! After 2 hrs I finally decided to wake Max. As soon as I did the contractions sped up and they were 3-4min apart. We jumped in the car and not 24 hrs after our false alarm we were back at the hospital and positive it was go time.

They got me and the baby hooked up to all the monitors and hearing that little heart beat is always so reassuring. I was having another intense cramp and I remember asking the nurse if it was a contraction because mine never seem to feel the way other blogs and people described them. She sorta giggled and said yes and then got ready to check me. I was hoping that I was at least 4cm and could be admitted. When she told me I was 5cm I almost cried. She then continued on to say that they had rooms open and I would be admitted and transferred to labor and delivery as soon as she filled out the form....


An hour later we were still in triage and I was in excruciating pain. She came back and said there was an emergency breach C-section that came in and everyone was dealing with that before they could deal with me. Eventually I was admitted and I was now 6-7cm with contractions only 2min apart. I was in tears and begging for drugs.

But with 2 more emergency C-sections and only ONE anesthesiologist I wasn't getting my drugs any time soon. They made sure I was next on his list but they wouldn't know what time that would be. The nurses I had in labor and delivery were my gods. One sat by the door waiting to catch the anesthesiologist as he walked by while the other stayed by me and monitored my progress and gave me some much needed encouragement. I didn't want to have this baby drug free but the longer I waited the more likely it seemed.

Max was great too. He would tell me when a contraction was coming and when it was almost over. He also held my hand and didn't complain about my nails digging into him. It's one thing to choose to give birth drug free, it's another when you don't want to. Every time Max told me a contraction was coming I would cry, shake my head and tell him I didn't want one. I breathed through them and let out what I am sure sounded like dying animal cries. With every nurse that came in I asked Max if it was who I thought it was, and every time he had to come up with a nice way to say no.

By the time the anesthesiologist got there I was 8cm. He felt terrible for making me wait so after the initial dose and placement he topped me off with a little extra pain killers. After two more contractions I didn't feel a thing. My arch nemesis became my best friend. I could watch a little tv, relax my muscles, and drink a little water.

Life was so much better.

After only a couple more hours it was time to push. But because he topped me off with extra pain killers I was completely numb. I couldn't feel a thing. With Jack I could feel pressure and slight pain but this time around you could have cut off my legs before I felt anything. This made it really hard to push. I had no sensation or feeling. I didn't know when the contractions were coming and I felt no pressure to push with. So they turned my epidural off and slowly the pressure feeling came back and I could use it. I pushed him out in a few moments. They had to use the vacuum again just like Jack because his head wasn't slipping under my pelvic bone. He was just butting up against it. So they had to pull him down while I pushed him out. After a few tugs he came slipping out and we had our second son!

Everyone was so excited to see what it was especially after we told everyone we were convinced it was a girl.

They placed him on my chest and I cried and kissed Max. As soon as they took him away to be weighed and cleaned up Max and I looked at each other and laughed. Probably not every parent's usual response after birth but we knew what the other was thinking... now we have to have a third so we can try for a girl ;).

During the birth I did have one slight tear inside so she stitched me up and packed the area with drugs and gauze. But those drugs along with the epidural gave me the terrible shakes. So much so that when it came time for our skin to skin my muscles seized and I felt like I was crushing him. But even through this he found he way down to my boob and started to feed. He was just as good as his brother. He latched on great and sucked with such a fury. My hopes immediately were raised that we might have a good breastfeeding journey. Only time will tell.

All in all this birth went as well as you could expect. I didn't get drugs as fast as I wanted but we both came out the other side happy and healthy and that's what matters.

Once our "golden hour" was over Max went and got Jack from the waiting room with the grandparents. He came in and immediately wanted to sit with Mama. He climbed up on the bed and we sang Happy Birthday to Henry. It was a special moment with just our little family of 4. I still can't believe I have two kids.

We love you so much Henry and we couldn't imagine the crazy crazy life without you.

Friday, September 22, 2017

36 Weeks - Baby Wilson #2

How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain: 32 lbs.
Sleep: Just getting up to pee a lot.
Sickness: nope.
Cravings: nothing recently.
Make me queasy: nothing really.
General Symptoms: stretching pains, swelling, and I'm running out of room. My belly feels like it can't stretch any more. I never felt this full with Jack. I feel like it's just crushing me and any kick might split me open. I had a full breakdown one night with Max just crying that everything hurt and itched so bad! He tried rubbing my belly to make it feel better but the slight weight of his hand threw me over the edge and I snapped at him to "Stop pushing on me! I don't have any room left!" Hopefully this baby comes a little early like Jack.
Miss anything: BLUE CHEESE and salami sandwiches.
Maternity Clothes: nothing new and I'm growing out of most of the ones I have....awesome. I'm giant.
Movement: A LOT. It moves all the time and it hurts. It also seems very flexible lol. I get something poking out the left side, the right side and the top all at once. My skin is so tight it looks like it might split. The most common comment I get from people feeling it is "OMG your skin feels so tight and it's so hard! Maybe it'll come any day!" Don't get my hopes up people 😉
Gender Prediction: Girl, totally and utterly convinced.

Dr. Appointment Update : EVERYTHING IS BETTER! The baby is head down and no longer breech. And my placenta has moved plenty far away. So we are back to as if nothing happened. No scheduled C-Section and we are just twiddling our thumbs waiting for it to pop free. Hopefully not directly through my skin lol. Tuesday starts our weekly appointments where they will check my cervix and see how I'm progressing. I know 0" dilated is the most likely but a girl can hope for 1-2" lol.

Old Wives Tales:
Morning Sickness : No / Yes
Cravings : Salt Sweet
Chinese Calendar : Boy / Girl
Heart Beat : Low / High
Belly : Low High
Skin : Better Worse
Attitude : Happy Moody

It's all adding up to : GIRL

Official Names! :
       Girl: Olivia Marie Wilson
       Boy: Henry Paul Wilson

Monday, August 28, 2017

32 Week - Baby Wilson #2

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain: 22 lb.
Sleep: I've had a cold for the last week so that's not helping. Still up 2-3 times a night to pee and sit up.
Sickness: nope.
Cravings: nothing recently.
Make me queasy: nothing really.
General Symptoms: stretching pains and general uncomfortableness. I still have the burning pain on the top right section of the bump but other than that nothing is too terrible. Just generally uncomfortable and feeling huge.
Miss anything: BLUE CHEESE and salami sandwiches.
Maternity Clothes: nothing new.
Movement: A LOT. It moves all the time. It hurts a lot more than I remember Jack hurting but who knows.
Gender Prediction: Girl, totally and utterly convinced.

Dr. Appointment Update : MY PLACENTA HAS MOVED!! It's now 2-3cm away from my cervix. This means we are pretty locked in to have a regular delivery! During delivery the Dr. will watch for signs of too much bleeding and if they see that then I'll be moved to an OR. So we aren't completely out of the woods but it seems the worst is behind us. They are going to check it one last time in about a month from now just to be doubly sure and see if it has moved any more. I'm so glad I'm avoiding a planned C-section.

Old Wives Tales:
Morning Sickness : No / Yes
Cravings : Salt Sweet
Chinese Calendar : Boy / Girl
Heart Beat : Low / High
Belly : Low High
Skin : Better Worse
Attitude : Happy Moody

It's all adding up to : GIRL

Names I like at the moment:
       Girl: Olivia Marie Wilson
       Boy: Henry Paul Wilson

*Jack has Max's middle name, and family name, Christopher so we decided to stick with the family middle name theme. This time we chose names to honor my Van Domelen side; Marie is my middle name after my aunt's middle name, and Paul is my father's middle name.