Monday, June 18, 2018

Henry's 8 Month Update

Weight: ~17lbs

Length: ~28.5"

Loves: Crawling! He is always on the move and he's quite the fast little army crawler. He can move through the house just as fast as the rest of us and he'll crawl right out the door if you not watching! I can't tell you how many times I grab something from the car only to turn around and find Henry half way out the door on the concrete!

Hates: He hates being held or contained. While he loves snuggles when he's sleepy he is not a fan when it's go time! He wants to play run and race with his big brother. Jack will run back and forth down the hall way and Henry is right behind him on his belly. Sometimes Jack is faster and doubles back before Henry can make it all the way and then there's a weird monkey-in-the-middle game going on and Henry gets really mad. It's all fun and games until the baby is stuck in the middle 😉

Milestones: He's just starting to pull up on things! He can do it pretty well on my legs when I sit on the floor but he hasn't really gotten into doing it with toys or furniture. He likes to stand and will take one or two steps with our hands but he's not confident at all. He'd rather jump and bob instead of walk.

Sleep: Awesome! He still goes down around 7:30 and gets up around 5:30. I'd like to move him back towards 8 like Jack but I don't know if we'll be able to do that until he's off the bottle. It's just too complicated trying to feed him and put Jack to bed. So this is working for us now.

Eating: He still eats 4-5 6-8oz bottles a day and 3 puree meals. I think he's trying to drop his first bottle and go down to 4 bottles a day but I still force him to eat some in the morning, it works better for daycare and since she's the one that has to deal with him all day I do what I can to make it easier for her. He is finally venturing into chucky foods! He hasn't liked the textures so it's been a much slower process than Jack but we're getting there! He likes strawberries, blue berries, puffs, and teething crackers. We're going to try some more vegetables and peanut butter again soon so fingers crossed!

Teething: Still only has his bottom two teeth but the tops are looking mighty swollen and he's pretty fussy so I'm hoping they pop through soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Henry's 7th Month Update

Weight: 16lbs 9oz

Length: 28"

Loves: MOVING! He's always on the go whether it's kicking in his car seat, squirming in his high chair, jumping in his jump-a-roo, or crawling, he's always go go go!

Hates: being strapped into anything. He can't be stationary and if he is he just grunts and screams.

Milestones: He's sitting like a pro though he still locks his knees and turns one first in for support. But the biggest thing is he's CRAWLING! I'm not surprised given how active he is but it's a little shocking since Jack didn't really start crawling until almost 9 months. He just has to keep up with big brother!

Sleep: Doing great! I do his bottle and bed time story around 7:30 and then once I lay him down it's time for Jack. They have been doing a great job sharing a room. Henry mostly sleeps through Jack's potty cries and Jack mostly sleeps through Henry's coos and head banging. Henry is ever the mover and squiggles around his crib and bangs his head on every single side and corner. Then he usually gets up around 5:30. If he just talks and coos I let them have a little brother time but when it turns into urgency I get up too.

Eating: He still eats 4-5 6-8oz bottles a day and 3 puree meals. We tried the peanut butter binkie trick and he totally loved it! We're also moving onto more chunky chewing food instead of puree's as soon as our current stock is out, probably a week or two. But we are introducing the ever loved PUFFS! I hope he does well, he still isn't great at the pincer grasp so we'll see how it goes.

Teething: He has two teeth! WHAT?! No toothless wonder here. The great thing is that he doesn't seemed bothered by it. He's chewing on everything but he's not really mad about it, which is great, however he mostly prefers Jack's hot wheels instead of all the teethers we have so we're on the hunt for some different ones. Wish us luck! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Henry's 6 Month Update

Weight: 15lbs 7oz - 12%

Length: 27.5" - 75%

Loves: People, he's always trying to wiggle and squirm so he can see what's going on. He loves bath time and swim lessons and sitting at the table for dinner just like the rest of us. He's such a happy social baby that its kinda hard to pin point one thing 😁

Hates: being still. He can't stay still for more than a few seconds. When we lay him on the floor he immediately rolls on to his belly and gets up on all fours and attempts to move and get toys, on the changing table he's always grabbing and rolling, in his high chair he's babbling and wiggling, everywhere he is he is in constant motion. I have a feeling he's going to be a handful when he starts walking lol

Milestones: He's rolling over both directions with an abundance of confidence though he prefers to be on his belly. He's also begging to sit. He's not great at it so at his 6 month check up I asked the doctor to make sure his hips and knees are ok. When we sit him up he locks his knees and rounds his back and rolls over his hips. We're constantly telling him to sit up straight lol. But she gave him a clean bill of health and after seeing him said that he probably isn't sitting great because he can't hold still long enough to do it. He'd rather roll to the side and onto his belly and attempt crawling. So he'll get there. He might crawl before he sits but to each their own lol.

Sleep: Awesome! I give him his last bottle at 7:30 then some gentle rocking and then I lay him down in his crib. He's usually asleep by the time I bing Jack in to do bedtime stories. I was trying to put them down together but it was just too difficult so this seems to be working better. He's also pretty much given up his 4AM binkie trouble. They both wake up around 5:30 now which is terrible but our usual work wake up time so I can't blame them. One day they'll understand weekends.

Eating: He eats 4-5 6-8oz bottles a day and 3 puree meals. So far we've tried all kinds of fruits and veggies and he seems to enjoy them all except spinach, but can you blame him? So far I haven't mustered up the energy to make my own baby food this time around but there are a few I'd like to introduce to him like cauliflower but we'll see. Also this weekend we are going to start introducing peanut butter! I know it's pretty crazy but the thoughts around this in the medical community are changing and they now recommend introducing allergen foods a lot earlier. So we're going to smear a small thing layer on his binkie and let him suck on it and see how he does. I thought about smearing a little on a spoon and letting him suck on it but previously he tried to choke himself with his spoon so I'm not sure lol.

Teething: nothing yet but the drool is ever present so we're just waiting!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Henry's 5 Month Update

Weight: ~14lbs

Length: ~27"

Loves: His big brother! He's always turning and moving so he can see him. Trying to feed him while Jack is around is nearly impossible. He's either ripping my boob off as he whips his head around or letting go of the bottle while he cranes his neck. But it's so cute watching them babble and talk to each other! 💗💗💗 Rolling over. He immediately rolls to his belly as soon as he's laid down. Last night he stayed on his back for like 5min staring at me and it felt so weird! He also loves to make raspberries. It's so cute but a little annoying when I'm trying to feed him lol.

Hates: being left alone. Constantly turning his head and screaming until he can see us again.

Milestones: He still can't roll from his belly to his back. Our daycare says he does it there but we've yet to see it at home. He's learning to sit but we aren't quite there yet. He likes to roll over his hips then he falls sideways. We're constantly squaring up his shoulders over his hips to sit straight.

Sleep: Still pretty awesome! We're potty training Jack and we've gone cold turkey on diapers, at all times including bed, (that's a whole 'nother blog post 😓), so Henry's been sleeping in Max's arms while I deal with Jack. Then we lay Henry down once Jack is settled. But I'm hoping as potty training progresses we can get back to dual bed times.

But they do really well sleeping in the same room. They go down around 8:30ish and recently both have been sleeping in until 7ish! 🙌

Eating: We didn't make our goal of 6 months. Last week we introduced formula by doing half-and-half bottles. And just yesterday he was only on formula at daycare. I only nurse him first thing in the morning and right before bed. I'm not sure he gets much of anything but so far it's working for us.

At daycare he eats 3 6-7oz bottles or 18-21oz total. Today is the first day I didn't pump at work. It's bittersweet but I know I'm still doing the best for my baby.

He eats oatmeal for breakfast and then 2 4oz jars of baby food for lunch and dinner. I haven't started making food yet but I'm sure that's coming.

Teething: The drool can't stop won't stop.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Henry's 4 Month Update

Weight: 13lbs 7oz - 12%

Length: 26" - 75%

Loves: PEOPLE! He's is a super social butterfly. He would rather watch us in kitchen, watch Jack play, or simply sit on the sofa and talk to us rather than play with any of his fun baby toys. The jungle gym, which Jack lived under until he was about 8 months, has hardly been touched. If we do leave him under there he wiggles and rolls around until he can see someone and talk to them.

Hates: being left alone.

Milestones:  He can roll from his back to his belly but hasn't mastered rolling back over from his belly to back. Our daycare says he can do it but we have yet to see it. I think he fakes not knowing how to do it so we come over 😉.

Sleep: He does great! We've just started doing dual bedtime routine. We get them both dressed in PJs, then Max holds Henry while I brush Jack's teeth, then family hug and kisses, then books with mommy, then sleep. After we read books I lay Henry down in the crib completely awake. Then I pick Jack up to say goodnight and he throws a blankie over him. 💕 The first night we attempted this I picked Jack up and he quickly exclaimed "Where's Henry's blankie?!" I told him that Henry didn't have one and it was ok. But he was very distraught, being a blankie kid himself (there are roughly 9 blankies in his bed). So he ran around the house searching for one for Henry. After finding two, of course, he threw them in the crib and kissed him goodnight. My heart almost exploded.

But they do really well sleeping in the same room. They go down around 8:30ish and then Henry is usually first to get up between 5:30-6:00 followed shortly by Jack.

Eating: We are slowing down but I think we might make our goal of 6 months. When I nurse him he seems happy and content for the most part. But I'm not sure how much longer that will last. I'm hoping we can make it another week without topping him off with my frozen stash because then we can start him on cereal. And cereal after nursing should be more than enough.

At daycare he eats 3 6-7oz bottles or 18-21oz total. At work I pump 9-11oz total. One step forward two steps back. My freezer stash is slowly dwindling but I am so proud of how far we've come and how well he's growing.

Teething: Not yet but the drool is uncontrollable!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Henry's 3 Month Update

Weight: ~12lbs

Length: 24"

Loves: He loves being face to face with you and smiling and talking. This kid is such a chatter box! It's always making noise and loves to be part of any conversation. We can't leave him along for a split second before he starts fussing and feeling left out. Every night during dinner we prop him up on or next to the table so he can join in. We have attempted to leave him in his swing but that is only met with whining and fussing. He has to be part of everything. 

Hates: being ignored or left alone, he is a people person.

Milestones:  He's holding his head up better and better. We're working on floor time and rolling but he hasn't quite got the hang of it (If you've been following me on social media you know this recently changed 😉).

Sleep: He does pretty well. He usually has his last feed between 7 and 9PM. Then we finally lay him in his crib around 9 after Jack goes down. Then he sleeps until about 6AM. So anywhere from 9-11hrs. Not bad! And we have started putting him in his crib at night which means he's sharing a room with Jack 😲. He is a light sleeper though so sometimes in the middle of the night he squiggles and grunts and we have to re-binikie him but he usually goes back down pretty easy. And so far Jack has been sleeping through even the loudest of screams! #parentwin

Eating: Still going pretty well. I still have up days and down days but I try to remind myself that he is happy and content. If he starts screaming for more we can adjust but so far so good.

We aren't going to group anymore, which I am incredibly sad about. It was such a form of peace of mind. It was a real way to make sure he was doing ok and getting enough. I thought about going 1 day a month and working from home but with Jack, work, daycare, etc. it was just too much and it didn't work out. Maybe I can find a weekend group but we'll just have to see.

I'm also still rocking the pump life. At work I pump 3 times a day; 9AM, 12noon, and 3PM. I'm not pumping what he's eating but I'm not terribly far off. The night before I left for work I had 423 oz. in the freezer and I counted again recently to see what I have been able to replace from daycare and I have 423 oz. So I have been able to replace EXACTLY what he's eating and that made me feel so good!

Teething: Nope, thank god!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Henry's 2 month update

Weight: 10 lbs 11 oz - 27%

Length: 23" - 75%

Loves: He loves to be propped up on the bobby pillow so he can look around. He loves to coo and smile at you, he's getting so expressive. He also loves tummy time! He will lay on his tummy for about 30 minutes before fussing, we're so excited. The whole reason you're supposed to do tummy time is to avoid a flat head and strengthen their neck muscles. Well Henry just lays there motionless with his head turned to one side. Now he's getting a flat spot on the side of his head...awesome. We can never win! And finally he loves bath time. As soon as his little feet hit the water he stops crying and fussing and immediately starts cooing and kicking.

Hates: being ignored or put down. If he's on the sofa in his boppy and I*'m watching tv he cries until I look over at him and start talking. He also doesn't like when we put him down in the swing during dinner. He wants to be held and included in the conversation.

Milestones:  He's holding his head up really well when he's sitting or on our shoulders / chest but terrible when he's on the floor. He's tracking us more with his eyes and less with his ears.

Sleep: He does pretty well. He sleeps 5-6 hours starting between 8-9PM then goes back to his regular 3 hours. He also makes this terribly loud stretching whine all night that keeps us up so even though he might be sleeping we aren't :(

Eating: Sill going well. I still have days where I panick thinking I don't have enough for him but he's always happy and content after each feeding and continues to have wet diapers so I muddle myself through the day and keep thinking positively. Other days I feel so full that I'm forcing him to eat just to relive the pressure. So we win some and lose some.

We're still going to our support group and it gives me such peace of mind every time we weigh in. It's a real tangible way to know how much he's getting and that he's thriving.

I'm also still rocking the pump life. Since I'm also nursing, getting much out of a pump session is hard. But we're making it. And I've already hit my goal of 300oz before I return back to work!! If I keep up the pace I think I can make it up to 400 before I go back! Now I just hope I can pump at work enough to replace what he eats at daycare. That was my downfall last time. But I'm trying not to stress and just enjoy the fact that we are actually doing this with a little less stress this time.

Teething: Nope, thank god! Though I do see a few white spots that seem hard but I'm trying to ignore it and hope it goes away lol.