About Me

My name is Angie Wilson. I am a full time Accountant, Wife, and Mama to Jack and two dogs. Also a part time crocheter, sewer, & blogger.

Here's my story. I met my husband in my first year of college at Arizona State University (ASU). He was my RA in the dorm and I was a resident. Three graduations later (1 for me and 2 for Max, what a nerd) we got married and adopted two adorable puppies; Honey and Gus. Honey is the black one...weird right.

In August 2014 half way through Max's third degree, a PHD, we found out there was a small bun in the oven. So after 3 years of marriage a nerdy accountant and an even nerdier biologist had a nerdy baby boy, or I guess the jury is still out on whether or not he's nerdy ;). Jack was born 4/9/15 and he's been rocking this thing called life ever since.

I started this blog to document my pregnancy for far away family members since I'm the only one of my kind out here in the desert ;). But I just haven't been able to stop! I love to look back on all my achievements, blunders, and memories. I hope one day this will serve as a "photo album" or memory book for my children like the old school faded photo albums from my parents did for me.

So jump in! I am documenting every parenting win and, let's be honest, more fails that I have as a new mom. And all the crazy and wacky things that come along with that.

This is how The Nerdy Wilson's began.

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