Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jack's Toddler Bedroom

I am so excited to finally be sharing pictures of Jack's Toddler Room!

He's still sleeping in his crib (that desperately needs to be lowered again) but everything else got an upgrade!

As you may remember way back from my nursery planning I put all my sewing and craft gear in his closet so he was left with only the four walls. Well I finally found a way to move all my craft gear out into the living room and part of the entry way closet so now he has the full room. And I couldn't be more happy.

After 2.5 years I finally feel like I am getting this house organized :).

I put his changing table and a cube organizer for clothes and such in his closet to free up play space.

I then took his old bookshelf turned armoire and turned that into a "ZOO". I drilled holes in the permanent shelf of the bookcase and hooked bungee cords to keep all the animals in their place. It works perfectly! He can take any stuffie as he pleases without an avalanche. The shelves above I use for books and nick nacks. And we still have a ton of space! Who knew!
Then the TV stand turned dresser is now turned into toy storage. I originally wanted to keep it filled with baskets to give it a clean look but I was worried that filling a large basket with heavy toys wouldn't end well. Sure enough he would grab the highest one and pull it out on himself. So I opted for a few baskets to hold smaller items like blocks and balls and left the larger toys out for easy use ;). We even still have some empty baskets! Where was all the storage space before!
We also bought him a rocking horse. I have been eyeing ones at target for a while now but every time we tested them out in the store he would cry and beg to get off so we always left it. But one wonderful day he started giggling and smiling and from then on I have been trying to decide which one to buy for him. I wanted a fun animal that most people don't have especially since his room is already safari themed. But I couldn't find one with good enough reviews or that was small enough for him to get off and on by himself. So after much stress I decided on this super cute horse from the B. Toys collection at Target (my favorite collection). He hasn't quite figured how to climb on it by himself yet but he knows how to get off and he's learning to rock by himself. He only uses his arms though so it's a bit fast and jerky but hilarious!

Then we bought a few new items which are by far mine and, more importantly, his favorite. We bought him an arm chair for him to read all of his books in. And not to mention a book organizer. We put them under his window where the changing table used to be and added a few new animal wall stickers for fun :). He loves to read, or at least flip through the pages. Most days and nights you can find him either on the floor surrounded by every book he owns or in his chair pointing at all the pictures.
He is as cute as a button and he loves his new room and so do we. Before we always had to have some one back there with him. There was just too many dangerous things he could get into. My sewing stuff was filled with pins, scissors, and needles. And his changing table had butt paste, wipes, and tiny nick nacks that he could chew on. While we tried to keep everything away from him it was a hard. But now everything has it's place and the room is his oyster. He runs back and forth and we don't worry about much ;).

This whole process was so awesome but also a little sad. Having a baby was basically new territory for me. I don't remember being a baby and my younger brother as a baby is all a bit fuzzy. But a toddler. I remember my young friends from pre-school and I remember my brother as a toddler. We are venturing into the time frame of my own memories, and that's weird. But I'm also so excited I can hardly stand it.