Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our 3 Year Anniversary

Now that our anniversary has passed (that sounds so depressing) I can share what Max and I got each other.

For our leather anniversary I got max custom made leather luggage tags from the True Heart Style Etsy shop and Max got me a custom leather camera strap from the RSVP Handcrafted Etsy shop.

"That's the last time we take directions from a squirrel"

Both of these Etsy shops were fantastic and I HIGHLY recommend them. The luggage tags arrived in 3 days from ordering and the camera strap Max ordered arrived in a few days as well. The packaging was well done on both and the custom touches we added came out exactly how we wanted them which can sometimes be a crapshoot.

Now back to the anniversary festivities. The quote I put on Max's tags was again from Emperor's New Groove. I tried to pick another favorite movie or book of his but I kept coming back to this one since the only time someone will read it will be when it's lost :).

I also have to give Max some major kudos for his present. This is my first really nice camera and I always get nervous that I might drop it, especially when we're out hiking. So he got me a nice camera strap and even added custom touches. He picked the yellow and teal colors because those are my favorite and added my name. He really put some thought into it and it came out so nice!

On the way home from work I decided to pick up an extra surprise. Max's favorite desert of all time is ice cream cake. This is not an exaggeration. If it were socially acceptable and didn't make you enormous I am pretty sure he would eat a small ice cream cake every night. So before I left work I googled the closest Baskin Robins and set out on a mission. It was too late to custom make a cake since they need at least 24hrs. but I thought they might have some pre-made ones and that would be good enough.

Once I got to the store they had a whole case full of cakes! I was so surprised at the pre-made selection and so happy because I knew I could get exactly what I wanted. The guy behind the counter (I struggle not to say young man as he was probably only 17 but I'm certainly too young to be using that language already?!) asked me if I needed any help. I told him no and that I would just take a pre-made cake. Once I had chosen the oreo and white cake one he asked if he could write anything on it for me. I told him it was too small and that it was a last minute thing so not to worry. He said it wouldn't cost anything and that he'd be more than happy to do it. Again my amazement at this Baskin Robins continued. I told him it was for our 3rd wedding anniversary so whatever he could fit on it would be fine. He managed to write "Happy 3rd Anniversary" I was so impressed it fit!

Luckily I got home before Max so I could sneak the cake into the freezer before he knew. We went out to dinner at one of our new favorite pizza/burger places and had a great time. We tried their March Madness pizza's with 4 different kinds of cheeses including goat cheese and it was AMAZING!

After dinner we went back home and watched some TV together and then right before we decided to go to bed I remembered the cake! Stupid pregnancy brain. But since it's his favorite we stayed up a little late to share some slices together.

All in all it was a simple but amazing anniversary. I can't wait to spend more anniversaries together.

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