Wednesday, June 7, 2017

20 Weeks - Baby Wilson #2

How far along: 20 weeks
Total weight gain: 6 lb.
Sleep: Getting harder. My hips hurt earlier in the night and I wake up more times to go to the bathroom but nothing too terrible...yet.
Sickness: Doing great!
Cravings: fresh fruits and chicken wings.
Make me queasy: hummus - but going to give it another go now that I'm not so sick and see what happens.
General Symptoms: FATIGUE! And my skin is starting to itch from stretching. Almost time to break out the belly cream.
Miss anything: BLUE CHEESE and sandwiches.
Maternity Clothes: I finally found a bra I like! I decided this time around instead of stretching out all my clothes I would buy a few maternity staples and shop some sales. So far I've been able to wear a few things left over from Jack but most of it was winter clothes and the AZ summer is way to hot for that. So I've found a few tops at a consignment store, Old Navy, and Target. Old Navy is the best! Highly recommend. The motherhood store is great but kinda pricey unless you get coupons and shop the sales.
Movement: A whole bunch and Max has finally gotten to feel it! Only once but it was still pretty cute. I can't wait until Jack can start to feel it.
Gender Prediction: Girl. I'm so deep in the girl camp.

Dr. Appointment Update : We had our anatomy ultrasound appoint a few weeks back. We didn't find out the sex so it's another surprise for us! We also found out that I have placenta previa. Over the last couple weeks I've come to terms with it and am just trying to move through this pregnancy as gracefully as I can. Basically at this early stage it's a waiting game. I have a few restrictions like pelvic rest and little to no activity. Basically no sex or exorcise. I also need to watch for bleeding or heavy cramping. So far I have had no symptoms and I'm feeling great. If the placenta doesn't move then I will have to deliver via C-Section. There are some other complications with bleeding during delivery that could lead to some scary things but we're just nothing thinking about that right now. We're just hoping it moves and we can deliver vaginally and relax a little. I've been having some pains down low and in my back which is where the placenta is and since I wouldn't classify them as cramping more just pressure and stretching pains we're hoping it means it's moving!! I will have another ultrasound on the 29th to see if it has moved. So fingers crossed!

Old Wives Tales:
Morning Sickness : No / Yes
Cravings : Salt Sweet
Chinese Calendar : Boy / Girl
Heart Beat : Low / High
Belly : Low High - seems definitely high now, especially compared to Jack. But check out my belly timeline and tell me what you think.
Skin : Better / Worse - I would say a little worse but with a toddler running around a more hectic schedule my face wash routine hasn't been the greatest so who really knows.
Attitude : Happy Moody

It's all adding up to : GIRL

Names I like at the moment:
       Girl: Molly, Fiona, Matilda (Mattie), Grace, Violet, Clara, Cora, Mabel, Margot
       Boy: Henry

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