Friday, July 7, 2017

24 Weeks - Baby Wilson #2

How far along: 24 weeks
Total weight gain: 11 lb.
Sleep: Getting a little worse. I'm not what you would call agile. I'm up and down all night trying to take the pressure off my hip. Sometime soon I'm going to bust out the maternity pillow. Sorry Max.
Sickness: Feel great!
Cravings: FRESH FRUIT!
Make me queasy: nothing really.
General Symptoms: Dry skin and stretching pains. My skin feels like it's going to split open Alien style at any moment.
Miss anything: BLUE CHEESE and sandwiches.
Maternity Clothes: I've taken my winter long sleeve maternity shirts from Jack's pregnancy and cut and hemmed them into short sleeves! 4 new tops for $0, can't beat that.
Movement: A lot!! I feel like it moves a lot more than Jack ever did. I was constantly worried about Jack and wondering when was the last time I felt him move. But this one is always on the go. I just wait an hour or so and it starts flipping out. Maybe that means it'll be a handful... 😓
Gender Prediction: Girl. I don't think I'd believe the doctors if they told me it was a boy. I've even started calling it "she" including the air quotes ;)

Dr. Appointment Update : At our 24 week appointment they checked the placenta again to see if it had moved. And it has!! A whole bunch but not quite enough. It's still considered a complete previa but only by a sliver. So the doctor is hopeful it will move completely out of the way since it has already moved so much. So I'm still on pelvic rest and no exercise. At 28 weeks we'll do the glucose test then at 30 they'll check me again to see if it's finally out of the way. Keeping our fingers crossed!!

Old Wives Tales:
Morning Sickness : No / Yes
Cravings : Salt Sweet
Chinese Calendar : Boy / Girl
Heart Beat : Low / High
Belly : Low High
Skin : Better / Worse
Attitude : Happy Moody

It's all adding up to : GIRL

Names I like at the moment:
       Girl: Violet, Ruby, Eliza, Fiona, Hazel, Penelope, Claire, Molly, Brooke
       Boy: Henry

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